Saada Hensa Tobacco S.A. Since 1965

Mr Henri D. SAADA, expert in leaf tobacco, tea and coffee, founded SAADA HENSA in 1961 in Paris, France / Europe. It is decorated with the Legion of Honor and Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge.
His two sons, Jacques and Serge join him, and Saada Hensa turns into a joint-stock company in 1965.

Since 1965, SAADA HENSA TOBACCO (S.H.T.) is committed to the implantation in France of many imported tobacco brands, well-known all over the world.
The sales promotion of tobacco products in the French Market, was at that time totally unknown and almost no foreign firm was organized to visit the tobacconists.
It was also forbidden by the administration to visit and incite the tobacconists to order imported products.

In 1967, S.H.T. hires a salesman in Lyon for the South-East of France and an another one for the South-West.
As early as in 1970, S.H.T. covers the entire French territory with an 18 persons salesforce.
There was almost no competition and the market was completely free.

The organization of S.H.T. Exists since 1971.

With the close cooperation of important films such as AUSTRIA TABAKWERKE, LIGGETT and Myers (CHESTERFIELD L.M.), VILLIGER and HENRI WINTERMANS, S.H.T. becomes the most important organization and specializes in the sales promotion of tobacco.

Thanks to Saada Hensa, Villiger obtains a monthly sales volume of 9,000,000 pieces.

S.H.T. has been the precursor in the field of merchandising and commercialization of foreign manufactures tobacco brands. Today, S.H.T. is proud to be the leader in the branch of tobacco sales promotion in France.

As soon as the common market was opened, in 1971, S.H.T. introduces through the SEITA a hundred foreign brands in the different categories of: cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobaccos.

Since 1965, SAADA HENSA has launched with success, more than 150 references, most of which are still on the market currently.
Among the competition, not one company has achieved such a performance.
VILLIGER, HENRI WINTERMANS, GALLAHER, NIEMEYER, MAC BAREN, CHESTERFIELD, LM, LARK, etc…, owe their presence on the french market to S.H.T.. Saada Hensa create Arizona on behalf of the company Arvic (See photo).

In 1971 his son Jacques Saada joined Saada Hensa.

In 1974, Serge Saada create the subsidiary I.T.C. (International Tobacco Company) and get the exclusive agency for France to Seita: Cigarillo Panter, R.Y.O.: Drum (Douwe-Egdbert) and J.P.S. : Imperial tobacco.
In 1978, Jacques Saada create for the Company HENRI WINTERMANS, Café-Noir.
In 1992, Serge Saada proceed in the launch of DUNHILL brand cigarillos and pipe tobacco range DUNHILL (See photo).
In 1995, David Saada create for the Company VILLIGER, Floridita and ROLL’S brand.
In 2003, David Saada create for Villiger Company : Villiger Premium Honey, Mocca, Vanilla Filter, etc…

The sales organization of S.H.T. with 45 persons, is composed of structured Marketing and Advertising Departments.
For a long period, S.H.T. has dominated the imported cigars and pipe tobaccos market.

Among other things, S.H.T. has bought to first rank on the market in their categories, for the cigars, VILLIGERS, Henri WINTERMANS, GALLAHER, for the pipe tobaccos ans R.Y.O. products, Théodorus NIEMEYER, MAC BAREN ans for cigarettes LIGGETT MYERS, AUSTRIA TABAKWERKE, ETI, etc…

The vocation for SAADA HENSA TOBACCO is to introduce foreign brands on the market and give them a sustantial expansion. It has sometimes happened that some brands which has reached the first rank decide to merge with other companies an to undertake their own destiny.

At present, S.H.T. aims at being always the first in the future for the innovation of the profession’s methods of work.

Serge Saada President S.H.T. create the product Aromatic Vanilla Villiger society still produces the brand Villiger Premium Vanilla cigarillos.

To celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of S.H.T. The trade press Losange has published an editorial article.

The next generation of S.H.T.’s managers is ready to carry on the business, although Jacques SAADA and Serge SAADA intend to maintain their partnership for many years. But they wish that their respective sons David SAADA and Diane SAADA will succeed them in order to challenge the competition and go on dominating the market. This leads them to browse the different continents to discover and manufacture new products.

The confidence of the manufacturers and the tobacconists.
Hensa Tobacco Products